Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good 'ole days

Labour is the cure for penury
Be hardworking, my friends
Diligence brings about greatness
When you have none to depend upon
When you seem to be the weakling
When you find none to put your hopes onIt is then you must double on your efforts
Your mother may be moneyed
Your father may have many horsesIf you depend on them
You are condemned, I tell you
What we do not strive forDoes not endure
But the fruit of our labour
Will last long in our hands
Your hands are your family
Your elbows are your kinsmen
The world may love you today
They will tomorrow, if only you are wealthy still
Or you are in a great office
And the world celebrates you with laughter
Wait till you are struggling to surviveA
nd watch them ridicule you
Also, learning leads one to greatness
Pay attention and study very hard
Do not play away your youth. my friend
Be diligent in labour, for the day flies away

Ise ni ogun `se
Mura si ise ore mi
Ise ni afi ndeni giga
Bi ako ba reni fehinti
Bi ole la a ri
Bi a ko ba reni gbekele
A tera mose eni
Iya re le lowo lowo
Baba re si le leshin le kan
Bi o ba gboju le won
O te tan ni mo so fun o
Ohun ti a ko ba jiya fun
Se kii le tojo
Ohun ti a ba fara sise fun
Ni npe lowo eni
Apa lara
Igunpa ni iye kan
Bi aiye ba nfe o loni
Ti o balowo lowo
Won a ma fe o lola
Jeki o wa ni ipo atata
Aiye a ma ye o si terin-terin
Jeki o deni rago
Ko o ri bi aiye ti nyinmu si o
Eko si tun seni doga
Mura ki o ko dara-dara
Iya nbo fomo ti ko gbon
Ekun mbe fomo ti o nsa kiri
Ma fowuro sere ore mi
Mura si ise ojo nlo.

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